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Monday, July 11, 2011

Connecting with Spirit

One of my favorite places to go when I want to get away for a few hours is Our Lady of The Holy Trinity Monastery up Ogden Canyon in Huntsville, Utah. The drive is beautiful and it gives me time to appreciate Mother Nature's gifts as well.

I go up to the balcony and sit right in the middle of the first bench. There is a beautiful stained glass picture of Mother Mary and Jesus straight ahead. The monastery is very simple but it is very peaceful. I have heard the monks chant a couple of times.

Sometimes I am envious of the monks because of all the time they get to spend studying and praying. Their communion with God on a daily basis has surely produced much knowledge of spiritual matters.

I went to the monastery yesterday to try to clear my mind so that I could ask questions and get answers. Just to drive through the canyon and see the beauty helped me feel more at peace.

When I arrived, the monks were sitting in their chairs in the chapel. They stood up and chanted then left.

I went to my usual spot in the balcony and had a conversation with Jeshua (Jesus). My conversations with Spirit are never very long. The feelings of love I get during the conversations are what I look forward to the most. It is a wonderful feeling when you can feel the presence of Mother and Father God and know of their love. I love to just sit quietly and take in all the peace and feel the presence of Spirit.

I have issues going on in my life right now with my job and with my phyical body. I am learning to remember to ask Spirit for guidance and then follow what I get from them. We all have our own Spiritual Team that is ready and willing to assist us if we will only ask, listen and then act.

Spirit has prompted me many times to just sit and "be". That is what I do when I am at the monastery. Just sit and "be".

When I was leaving the chapel, there was a feather on one of the steps. Then as I walked to my car there was a different kind of feather by a car next to mine. Birds represent freedom to me. When I looked up the meaning of finding feathers along your path, it had to do with a higher spiritual learning and also lightening up and having fun in any situation.

I have been studying a book called "How to Read the Akashic Records" by Linda Howe. So I am sure there is higher learning as I study it more.

On my drive back, I stopped along the way to admire the beauty along the way. Pineview Reservoir is completely full. Some of the mountaintops still have a little snow on them.

One thing that I have been noticing alot lately is the foxtail plant along the road. It is very beautiful to me. I guess something I am to connect with and find out all about it.

I stopped at the waterfall at the entrance of the canyon to take pictures and to soak up the energy of being around water.

To top of the day there was a magnificent sunset!

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